2017 Spring and Summer Highlights

 Treated EDRR site of rush skeletonweed off of Sparta Road on private lands, courtesy of Oregon State Weed Board
  Treated one net acre (very low density) of leafy spurge and surveyed another 15,000 acres in Holman Creek
 Treated 5 net acres of noxious weeds along BLM Lookout Mtn. Road 
Surveyed Lime Hill Burn for Snake River Goldenweed, BLM's species of concern

2017 Fall Projects

 Treat additional rush skeletonweed areas on BLM and private property in the Richland/Halfway area funded by Oregon State Weed Board
 Treat several juniper control sites near Hereford on BLM peoperty
 Herbicide treatment of medusahead  in the Keating Valley.  Working in conjunction with BLM, ODFW, USFWS, and NRCS to improve sage grouse habitat
 Photo: BLM
  Surveyed nearly 80,000 acres of Windy Ridge and Lime Hill Burn for rush skeltonweed, leafy spurge, whitetop, and other noxious weeds sites
 Treated nearly 487 aces of whitetop on BLM lands near Sparta Road
 Sureyed for leafy spurge flea beetle release sites in Windy Ridge Fire 
 Treating BLM SWAT projects located near the Snake River, Bridgeport, Elk Creek, and Dixie Creek using Tri-County staff   
Contractor: Leading Edge Aviation
 Contractor: Work Horse, Inc
Contractor: Work Horse, Inc
Contractor: Mountain Goat Enterprises
 Contractor: John Jeffries Spray Service
 Contractor: John Jeffries Spray Service
 Dave Felley (APHIS)
 Contractor: Tri-County