2018 Tri-County Projects for Licensed Applicators

2018 Spring Contracts: Click on blue links to view contracts, photo points, and maps

          Projects in Baker County:

                   Burnt River Canyon Road: BLM, all weeds                                                  Bridgeport: BLM, scotch thistle

                   Lime Hill Fire North: BLM, all weeds                                                             Dark Canyon & French Gulch: BLM, all weeds

                   Lime Hill Fire South: BLM, all weeds                                                             Iron Mountain East: BLM, all weeds

                   Cave Creek: BLM, all weeds                                                                             Iron Mountain West: BLM, all weeds

                   Durbin Creek Road: BLM, all weeds                                                               Dry Gulch: BLM, whitetop

                   Sheep Creek: BLM, yellow starthistle                                                            Goose Creek: BLM, yellow starthistle

                   Sparta Road: BLM, whitetop                                                                            Woods Gulch: BLM, all weeds

                   Lookout & Morgan Mountain Road: BLM, all weeds                                   Rye Valley: BLM, all weeds

                   Deer Creek & Hooker Gulch: BLM, all weeds                                                

               Projects in Union County:

                  Mt. Harris: USFS/private, meadow hawkweed                                          

                    Cricket Flat: private, meadow hawkweed                                                    

Tri-County CWMA hires licensed herbicide applicators to treat noxious weeds on private and public lands throughout Baker, Union, and Wallowa counties.  If you are interested in working with Tri-County, uptaining your Public Applicator's License, or receiving additional information please contact Tri-County or your local county weed supervisor.  Additional information can be found on Oregon Department of Agriculture's website.


For those interested in the following contracts, please click on the link provided.  These projects are hourly bids with a not-to-exceed amount. Tri-County will select contractors based on bid amount, experience, and equipment used- chemical will be provided for these projects.  Please see our Professional Service Agreement for information regarding requirements to contract with Tri-County.

To bid on a project, please fill out the Hourly Bid Template for the specific project below.  Bids can be submitted via email to mail@tricountycwma.org or mailed to our address at 10507 N. McAlister Road Room 5 La Grande, OR 97850.   

               Projects in Wallowa County:

                  No Wallowa County contracts available as of Spring 2018

Land types include, but are not limited to: private, BLM, Wallowa-Whitman and Umatilla National Forest, county, tribal, and Idaho Power. Projects are funded through Oregon State Weed Board and Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board grants, Bureau of Land Management, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, US Fish and Wildlife Services, US Forest Service, Confederate Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, county contributions, and others.